Image from FatFree Vegan Kitchen (you know my food-tography’s not anywhere near that on point)

Can you tell what I missed when I was vegetarian? It was seafood, specifically crab. As I mentioned in the “seafood” salad post, I liked anything from fresh Chesapeake Bay crab to imitation crab meat (not actually crab, I know, but I LOVED THAT STUFF). As a vegetarian one of my go-to recipes was zucchini “crab” cakes so that at least I was getting some of the same texture and a vehicle through which to ingest Old Bay but that recipe called for an egg so veganism put me back at square one. I mean, you can only eat so much Vegenaise-y “seafood” salad, right? Wrong, but I’m trying to relate to you people.

Enter: FatFree Vegan Kitchen’s Jackfruit “Crab” Cakes. I might actually eat these everyday. The texture’s AMAZING, the taste is delicious and I can’t see ever even thinking about going back to seafood when I’ve got this cruelty-free version in my repertoire. It’s not actually fat-free, as it does have 3.1g of fat but even my zuke cake version was fatter than that since it was fried. And, of course, you’re going to need a little vegan tartar sauce for the full effect so that adds fat as well. I basically followed this recipe but subbed Vegenaise for the tofu and added cutting celery because I had extra from my CSA delivery this week.


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