I am so very serious when I say that I’d be content to eat this every single day for the rest of forever. One thing that I came to terms with as a long time vegetarian was that my insatiable hunger for seafood of any sort (shrimp, crab, heck even imitation crabmeat…gross, i know) would always plague me. I cared more about the poor helpless bycatch than about my taste for seafood so it wasn’t such a big deal but then I found this recipe and my dreams came true and everything was rainbows and butterflies from that day forward. It’s another one of those staple recipes where you just need to know the ingredients that you want to use and then you can whip it up in no time without getting your measuring cups dirty. I added capers because I’m fancy–thanks for introducing me to capers and other high class ingredients, Samantha Lee–and suggest that you do the same if you have them on hand. If not, whatever. Just make this and eat it often.


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