I am attempting to live off of my well-stocked pantry and the CSA delivery this week. It shouldn’t be that hard but I love grocery shopping so it’s hard to keep myself from going at least once a week to read a few labels and pick up a few things. I should have all of the things that I need for this week’s recipes when Angela (my FT neighborhood coordinator) shows up with this week’s produce box. BAM.

Also new this week: I’m getting into the new schedule of planning meals on Friday or Saturday since The Farm Table’s ordering page is open on Friday so I have a good idea of what I’ll be receiving in the week’s delivery. That’s why this menu is for next week but is being posted this week. One thing I’ve learned from this vegan venture so far is that it’s all in the planning, whether you’re traveling or cooking at home. If you don’t have a plan then it’s easy to get frustrated or lazy and then just order out. So, here’s the plan:

This Week’s Recipes:

Thursday: Baked leek and sweet potato gratin with lemon-garlic kale
Friday: Butter-braised radishes with sorrel
Saturday: Scalloped potatoes and citrus collards with raisins
Sunday: Sweet potato ravioli
Monday: Ginger sesame soba with kale
Tuesday: Sorrel pesto pasta
Wednesday: Wild card! (Probably leftovers but it sounds more exciting to say wild card.)

The Farm Table Delivery:

Red spring onions
Green sorrel (I had never heard of this before so we shall see what it’s like when I receive it on Thursday. Perhaps I’m a sorrel-lover and I never knew.)
Sweet potatoes
Tender spring collards
Black kale
Red leaf lettuce


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