Image from The Farm Table

Image from The Farm Table

I’m back! I don’t mean back to the kitchen because I have been cooking up a storm, just not posting about it except on Instagram and Facebook. I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected you, dear blog. I know I’ve left you in the dark, wondering what I’ve been eating, and I promise to never do it again. Maybe.

This week I’m feeling fall-like but eating in upper 70-90 degree weather so trying to cool out for a bit. I don’t know that I’m doing it very well but I know that this will be a menu that I return to in the fall when it’s actually the appropriate weather for stroganoff and things that warm your plate.

The Farm Table Delivery:

Gala apples
Asian pears
Hanover tomatoes
Yummy yummy peppers
White potatoes
Collard Greens

The Groceries:

Earth Balance
Brussels sprouts*
Black eyed peas
Burgundy cooking wine
Wide noodles
Portobello caps
Tomato paste

The Meals:

Thursday – Radish with butter and mint and Caramelized leek with aged balsamic (Recipe from The Farm Table newsletter) with brussels sprouts and aioli

Friday – Collard green and black eyed pea soup (Recipe from The Farm Table newsletter) 

Saturday – Spring rolls (No recipe…just put whatever you want in a spring roll wrapper!)

Sunday – Seitan-portobello stroganoff (Recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance, pg. 157 and 163) and by that I mean homemade seitan. Whhattt?

Monday – Wildcard! …which probably means Mexican.

Tuesday – Stewed tofu and potatoes in miso gravy (Recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, pg. 147)

Wednesday – Wildcard! …which probably means Mexican again though it should mean leftovers.


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