Two Things I Want For Christmas (Amen):
1. Knife skills classes
2. Food photography classes (or a better camera. Kelsey says I just need a better camera but I think he was being nice because I was holding a knife).

I’m not sure how I lived before I discovered leeks, but I’m just glad that those dark days are over. Leeks are like the onions of the gods except you can eat a ton of them where you can’t really eat a ton of onions without feeling a little green. Tonight’s leeks were served on a bed of soba noodles with delightful lemon-glazed soy nuggets (more appetizing than they sound). The soy nuggets were loosely based on the recipe here. The important part was that this dish was enjoyed via the vehicle of chopsticks, which seem to make everything taste wonderful. And I mean everything.

I know, I know–you’re probably thinking that this was not on this week’s sorrel-focused menu. Need I remind you that fair warning was given that I’m a fickle food mistress, easily swayed by my culinary whims and cravings so chill out. You may recall that I planned to make a few heavy dishes last week–blame my watching Game of Thrones and therefore thinking winter is coming– that would use my leeks last week but then it turned out to be warmer than expected and who wants to eat winter food when it’s 70 degrees outside? No one. You just want to eat a cuke. I think it’ll all turn out okay but that does mean that on top of the new delivery of greens, greens and more greens that my lovely The Farm Table neighborhood coordinator dropped off today (Thanks, Angela!), I’ve still got a ton of kale to make my way through this week. Basically, what I’m saying is prepare for a lot of kale in the coming days, people.


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