You may think I’m not very discerning when it comes to posting images of dishes since some of the Instagram-ed photos that you’ve seen in my previous posts leave a little to be desired but let this post prove you wrong. I made some DELIGHTFUL zaalouk for dinner this evening but rather than posting a picture of tomato-y, eggplant-y mush, I figured that I’d just tell you it was amazing and point you towards the recipe here so that you’ll try it yourself and not judge it by its presentation. I put it in a lovely serving dish alongside spicy hummus (from Whole Foods, not homemade) and olives and plan to do this pretty much every single day for the rest of summer until Kelsey gets tired of it. Then I’ll still do it, I’ll just eat it all myself instead of sharing.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been using a pickle jar, tupperware and pretty much anything somewhat biscuit shaped to shape my biscuits but I finally got a biscuit cutter this weekend! Our registry completion discount expired at Crate and Barrel so I thought I’d “splurge” (read:my husband’s cheap). As I tweeted earlier, I have been converted to the ways of the biscuit shaper. Look how beautiful this is. I want to sleep on this biscuit:



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