I realize that it’s very nearly summer and I should therefore be basically living off of cukes. However, there’s something about reading George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings that makes me want to refer to my dogs as direwolves and to eat heavy meals with spiced wine. It’s probably the whole “Winter is Coming” thing that’s making me feel chill even when it’s in the mid-60s outside and since I had a Celebration Roast (thanks to their amazing customer service rep sending me a dozen coupons) in the fridge, I thought I might as well go where my culinary whims took me. They took me to rutabaga dijonnaise and I’m not coming back. Seriously, why do mashed potatoes exist when it’s just as easy to make rutabaga dijonnaise? I’m calling for an all-out war on mashed potatoes. The masses need to know that there are better options and I’m taking up the task of educating them about them. Who’s with me?

The rutabaga dijonnaise recipe is here and the gravy recipe is here. These are both also in my recipe box filed under “Holidays” and I suggest they find their way to your recipe box as well. Now will you let me get back to my spiced wine?


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