We received our first The Farm Table delivery this week (!!) and I must admit that though I was excited to switch from a produce delivery service that was organic but not local to one that is all local,  I was worried that might mean I’d be living off of sweet potatoes. I went to the collective Facebook brain to help combat this sweet potato bumper crop and now I’m not only prepped for the “Week of the Sweet Potato,” but thinking I might not have enough sweet potatoes.

This Week’s Recipes:

Thursday: Shepherd’s Pie
Friday: Jackfruit “crab” cakes with roasted brussels
Saturday: Celebration Roast (Field Roast) with rutabaga dijonnaise and lemon-garlic kale
Sunday: Avocado and pinto bean enchiladas
Monday: Leftovers!
Tuesday: Faux chicken strips with buttered leeks and radishes
Wednesday: Moroccan Zaalouk with olives and hummus

The Farm Table Delivery:
Get. This. Groupon. 

White spring onions
Spring garlic
Cutting celery
Baby sweet potatoes
Red radishes
Curly kale

Additional Groceries (Kroger and Ellwood Thompson’s this week):
Some of these are not necessarily for the recipes that I’ll be using this week but I thought I’d include the full list because it’ll help me to catalog my pantry. 

Agave nectar
Sweet corn (frozen)
Jalapenos (fresh)
Fire-roasted diced tomatoes (canned)
Green bell pepper
Black beans (canned)
Diced chilis (canned)
Regular oats


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