How could you ever not like peanut noodles? They’re noodles. With peanut butter. This delight came from Vegan with a Vengeance but  is also available here thanks to eat me, delicious for those who need their PB noodle fix now. Isa uses seitan but I threw in a little tofu and called it a day since that was heavy enough for me. You do you, though.  I do highly recommend purchasing Vegan with a Vengeance. I’m a new cookbook convert! My husband’s always all like, “You have a cookbook–the internet.” There’s just something about having a whole shelf dedicated to vegan cookbooks, though. That’s not to say I don’t prize my personal Pinterest board cookbook, I just like the throwback feel of propping open a cookbook at times.

Now those peanut noodle connoisseurs know that the scallop-looking things on the left in the above plate aren’t a part of the staple noodle dish. I’d never even heard of daikon radish until I read Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life but I’m rather glad to have discovered it. I’m also new to braising but a big fan. The recipe for braised daikon pictured as a side above is available here and should be bookmarked and used again and again. This isn’t A. Silverstone’s only daikon recipe but I must warn against the daikon tea that she describes in the book. It was like drinking radishes. I’m a big fan of radishes but it was a little too much for me and then I just had chef’s remorse since I wasted daikon that could have been braised. Well, you live and you learn.

The Verdict: Will make again. And again. And again. And this isn’t a very scientific recipe so as long as you know what ingredients to use then it’s okay if your laptop dies in the middle of cooking and you’re too hungry to stop and go plug it in to pull the recipe back up. And it’s delightful even cold so you can stand in front of the fridge and eat it out of tupperware like a bachelor if you want which is always a plus in my book. Not that I do that…


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