I love Oh She Glows. Like serious love that’s kind of weird since I don’t really know Angela but I contribute my successful transition from vegetarianism to veganism partly to her and her wonderfully delightful recipes. That said, this Mac ‘n Cheeze recipe is not necessarily one of my favorites. It was the first vegan meal that I cooked so I was quite proud that I could go cheeseless and still enjoy a little pasta but it was just a bit too squashy for my taste.

The brussels, however, could have been a meal in themselves. Not a balanced meal, of  course, but a delicious simple one at least. I followed Ina Garten’s recipe available here, though a recipe is not necessary. Just roast them, throw some spices on them and then munch on little baby cabbages. A good appetizer option if you just can’t get enough of brussels sprouts is to roast them and then dip them in this eggless aioli. It feels fancy but doesn’t take too much effort to create. Count me in.

The Verdict: I’m only two months in but content to avoid mac and cheeze now. This may change and I may seek out another alternative but I think I’ll leave the squash out next time. The brussels, however, are a definite Miller family staple.


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